Insider Threat Analyst





Description:  Insider Threat Analysts conduct threat analysis, provide assessments of threats and vulnerabilities, produce investigative leads, uncover policy violations, assess risk posed by trusted insiders, oversee the data collection effort on NGA’s networks using UAM tools, and manage & develop approved data analytics tools like Risk 360.  These analysts also prepare and conduct tailored briefings and debriefings and conduct liaison with other agencies and organizations to collaborate on Program operations and lessons learned.  Insider Threat Analysts access and integrate information from network monitoring tools and other sources to decipher underlying trends or uncover anomalies and discern obscure patterns and attributes.  They compile results into reports or analytical products as required.  They prepare and present analysis, in the form of briefings and/or reports, to government leads and managers as required.  Insider Threat Analysts perform proactive inquiries and collaborate with NGA investigative entities, IC organizations, and Law Enforcement agencies/entities. 

Minimum Requirements

Qualifications Required: 7-10 years’ experience as an Insider Threat Analyst or directly related experience.
Experience: Experience with analytical problem solving and familiar with conducting operations relating to insider threat, counterintelligence investigations, and counterespionage. Familiar with data analytics tools used for Insider Threat information collection on computer networks or knowledge of other Insider Threat risk scoring data analytics tools / programs.  In-depth knowledge of Intelligence regulations and Intelligence oversight principles and understanding of geospatial-intelligence products, capabilities, and missions.  Must possess superior writing and briefing skills and publish finished analysis. 
Security Clearance:  TS
Special Access / Access Eligibility:  SCI,
Polygraph:  Pass a CI poly

Desired Requirements

Education:   Bachelors or equivalent experience in a related field
Additional Qualifications Desired:
Master’s degree
Credentialed from a recognized counterintelligence training school desired. 
Related Job Titles: All Source Intelligence Analyst, Cyber Intelligence Analyst, Counterintelligence Intelligence Analyst, Law Enforcement Intelligence Analyst, Analytic Specialists