LOCATION: Hurlburt Field, FL
SCHEDULE: Monday – Friday with core hours of 0900 – 1500 except for Federal Holidays
TRAVEL: 25% to CONUS and OCONUS non-hazardous locations in support of MTTs
All personnel will support the
following tasks:
•    Coordinate exercise injects for training and operational events with the exercise director 
during the JELC process to ensure correct execution at the designated time.
•    Provide support to ensure the currency, maintenance and sustainment of the SJFC capability to 
include networking with other devices utilizing standard High Level Architecture (HLA) and 
Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocols.
•    Using simulation software, create realistic scenarios based on current
SOF TTPs, operations and after action review (AAR) to support the full range of capabilities and integration into distributive training/ exercises and operational events.
• Support the integration of computer generated forces to provide an
opposing threat.
• Deploy as members of a mobile training team to support training venues & exercises.

Minimum Requirements

• Provide support for effective training, orientation and familiarization for ground personnel to 
conduct fire support and emergency CAS procedures. Educate JTACs on the capabilities associated 
with the AC-130 gunship and other SOF aviation assets Tactics, Techniques & Procedures (TTP).
•    Integrate AC-130 gunship crew interface with JTAC trainees replicating USSOCOM approved TTPs.
•    Support AC-130 gunship proficiency, incorporating updates to the corresponding gunship TTPs.
•    Produce and maintain grade sheets for all CAS controls in order for uniform services’ JTAC/ 
SOTAC/TACP/JFO personnel to stay qualified.
•    Participation in scenarios as a JTAC to provide quality control for basic scenarios through 
full mission profile events. Provide recommendations to database modelers and virtual model 
architects to adjust entities to better improve scenario performance.

Desired Requirements

Required Skills/Qualifications – Senior:
•    Prior Active Duty SOF within the past 5 years in the rank of O-3 to O-5 OR E-7 to E-8
•    Combined 12 years of Special Operations experience
•    Minimum of six years’ experience as an AC-130 crewmember (Pilot, Navigator, Fire Control 
Officer, or Sensor Operator) and knowledge of current SOF approved TTPs (published in most recent 
USSOCOM 525/350-Series and AFTTP 3-1/3-1) and airframe capabilities in conducting CFF support.
•    Six years’ experience in joint operations, with tactical and operational-level SOF planning.
•    Three years’ experience in using M&S software to train and exercise SOF personnel in a  virtual environment.
•    SECRET Clearance required on Day 1 of performance