TSCM/IPMS Technician





To ensure the In-Place Monitoring System (IPMS) console is staffed at a rate equal to 75% of available contractor hours for each of two assigned technicians, during normal established day shift duty hours (to be coordinated with government leads). These positions are categorized as non-essential positions. Will ensure 90% of all signals and anomalies that meet the established threat threshold are resolved within timeframes established by the NGA TSCM Program Manager. Resolved signals are to be detailed in monthly and quarterly reporting. Practitioners must update and report IPMS console health status when operational capability is equal to or less than 90%. Will ensure all required reports are complete with minimal errors and that all processes, activities, and report are conducted within established time frames. Will ensure required Hazard reporting and annual training requirements are conducted and completed according to DoD policies and those of the NGA TSCM Program Manager.

Minimum Requirements

Duties may include:  
Operate, maintain, troubleshoot, and repair the garrison IPMS, resolve and coordinate IPMS anomalies with garrison TSCM personnel.
Research and investigate new or improved industry practices and tradecraft for application to the above agency programs/operations.
Review after action and investigative reports to determine if changes or corrective action is required and develop new or modified administrative program policies, regulations, goals, or objectives, and complete and maintain IPMS projects according to time-tables established internally.
Conduct Daily IPMS activities. Those duties include: 
o Perform daily tactical analysis according to procedure guide and established timeframes.  
o Perform strategic analysis according to procedure guide and within established timeframes.
o Perform daily, monthly and annual operations and maintenance tasks according to established policies and timeframes.  
o Troubleshoot and repair system malfunctions and report findings/status to customer.
Perform Radio Frequency signal of interest searches. Those duties include:
o Assess and locate signals of interested discovered during surveys, system notification and IPMS operations.
o Collaborate with appropriate entities to develop wireless security systems. Identify potential enterprise and tactical wireless security systems. 
o Develop, update and maintain wireless security concept of operations.
o Identify potential opportunities for partnership across the Agency for wireless security concerns.  
Recommend and provide guidance for Agency security elements. Those duties include:
o Provide recommendations and guidance for new process and systems.
o Assist in determining best practices related to IPMS and wireless efforts.
o Be very familiar with current TSCM and CI policies.
o Ensure IPMS technicians understand and comply with IPMS regulations.
o Ensure the reporting, and reporting of IPMS issues discovered during the conduct of IPMS operations.
o Provide recommendations and guidance for NGA facilities under construction.
o Analyze complex physical and technical security issues and provide cost-effective recommendations that meet policy requirements.
o Ensure NGA compliance with ICD 705, Physical Security Standards for SCIFs, and DoD standards for collateral areas.
o Identify physical and acoustical security deficiencies and develop corrective actions to mitigate the identified deficiencies.
o Coordinate the actions of teams, projects, and/or initiatives that cover the entire spectrum of the mission of Technical Operations Branch and the TSCM mission to ensure they meet, and are consistent with, NGA’s mission, vision, goals, values, and operational structure, and the organization, mission and goals of the National and DoD CI communities.  In the course of the above, analyze and evaluate proposed changes in mission, operating procedures and delegations of authority.
o Coordinate IPMS operations, to include internal and external correspondence, resource allocation, personnel management, inventory control system, training program and policy development (requires extensive coordination and liaison not only within NGA, but external to NGA as well with DoD, IC agencies, and the military services).
o Provide input on financial budgeting criteria and Program Objective Memorandum (POM) submissions, including funding for projects necessary to further the research and development of technical requirements to ensure technological advantage is maintained.  
o Conduct IPMS operations consistent with National and DoD policies governing the employment of TSCM tactics, techniques, and procedures.
o Ensure all personnel assigned to the IPMS mission are trained in accordance with National standards for the conduct of TSCM operations and are qualified to operate the in-garrison IPMS.
o Generate finished correspondence, documents, briefing materials, spread sheets and threat reports in accordance with NGA guidelines, as required.
o Prepare specialized technical risk assessment products, TSCM reports of inquiry, after action reports, tailored briefings, and other administrative communication necessary to support the CI mission.
o Provide technical advice and assistance as it relates to CI and TSCM.
o Assist Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority (CTTA) with technical security plans, policy and execution; assess electronic processing equipment for security vulnerabilities.
Skills and Experience:
Shall have a minimum of 7 years CI experience, of which at least 5 of those years include federal TSCM experience. 
Shall have experience operating an automated campus-wide IPMS system; experience with RF theory and RF direction-finding 
Shall have an Interagency Training Center (ITC) TSCM Certification and complete at least 40 hours of discipline-specific development or refresher training every fiscal year. The training delivery may include classroom, on-line, or commercially-available training, or exercise.  The NGA customer will sponsor Government-offered, discipline-specific development or refresher training IAW National and DoD standards. However, NGA will NOT sponsor TSCM Fundamentals certification as this is a requirement on day 1. The contractor will be responsible for funding associated with this certification and all commercial-offered training.
Shall possess TSCM Cyber certification (TSCM Fundamentals graduation will suffice, with an expectation for "TSCM for Information Systems" (ITC) or equivalent)
Shall possess A +, Network +, and Sec + Certifications in accordance with DoD 8140 requirements.
Shall have telephone security experience (i.e. with Telephone Security Group (TSG) requirements).
Shall have RF Engineering background, and be a credentialed graduate of an accredited federal or DoD CI training academy.
Shall possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline.

Desired Requirements

Possess post-graduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline.