TSCM/Wireless Specialist





TSCM/Wireless Specialist

Minimum Requirements

Duties may include: • Provide technical wireless security engineering expertise for the NGA Wireless Security Program and conduct and refine wireless security assessments and operations to secure NGA CI, utilize wireless security engineering expertise concepts, principles and practices to analyze and resolve difficult and complex wireless security issues, provide support in design, integration and management in-building wireless security networks within Intelligence Community facilities, and to assist, collaborate, and coordinate with other SI offices and divisions in developing and implementing “best of breed” wireless security policies and procedures. • Plan and execute wireless security operations as approved by the Government, assessments and surveys using Linux-based, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS), government-off-the-shelf (GOTS) and/or custom developed survey tools to detect and/or prevent unauthorized or misconfigured wireless devices within secure areas. • Attend at least 12 NGA meetings, conferences or working groups annually to provide insight and guidance to NGA and IC wireless policies and directives. • Provide technical guidance to the NGA wireless security program to assist in the development of wireless mitigation plans; draft five reports annually that document the results of these mitigation strategies. • Investigate emerging wireless technology, vulnerabilities or mitigations to stay abreast of developing trends in the wireless sector. Draft at minimum, 4 informational reports annually that provide a synopsis of this information. • Work closely with CI personnel to refer actively exploited, or potentially exploitable vulnerabilities. • Lead the design and integration of customer developed wireless security tools, providing guidance on issues such as physical layout, design, RF coverage, optimization, and configuration parameters. • Create custom signatures and detection procedures based on new threats and adversary Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. • Be very familiar with current TSCM and CI policies. • Assist in the development of documentations/policy/procedures and drafts reports to document vulnerabilities based on risk management models as required by the Government. • Develop briefings and provides security education materials on wireless threats and vulnerabilities matters regarding information protection. • Interpret guidance and direction received from higher-level management, legislative initiatives, and regulatory requirements/changes and coordinates these for dissemination and implementation. • Provide hardware and software engineering support, and technical assistance related to communications infrastructure, processing systems, and interfaces in support of exfiltration/infiltration of wireless and mobility devices and networks. • Provide engineering support to include, but not be limited to, support of assessing mobile devices (handsets, tablets and wireless laptops) and other wireless security related engineering tasks. • Provide security guidance to contractors using DoD and IC regulations and requirements – analyze complex data and make appropriate program recommendations. • Prepare estimates and anaylysis for security projects and technologies to support the TSCM mission. • Apply experience in supporting security concepts, principles and practices to analyze and resolve difficult and complex security issues. Skills and Experience: Required: • TS/SCI • Shall possess at least 7 years experience in CI or security related field, of which at least 5 of those years include TSCM experience. • Shall possess a strong RF theory background and RF direction-finding skills. • Shall have an Interagency Training Center (ITC) TSCM Certification and complete at least 40 hours of discipline-specific development or refresher training every fiscal year. The training delivery may include classroom, on-line, or commercially-available training, or exercise. The NGA customer will sponsor Government-offered, discipline-specific development or refresher training IAW National and DoD standards. However, NGA will NOT sponsor TSCM Fundamentals certification as this is a requirement on day 1. The contractor will be responsible for funding associated with this certification and all commercial-offered training. • Shall possess TSCM Cyber certification (TSCM Fundamentals graduation will suffice , with an expectation for "TSCM for Information Systems" (ITC) or equivalent) • Shall possess A +, Network +, and Sec + Certifications in accordance with DoD 8140 requirements. • Shall have telephone security experience (i.e. with Telephone Security Group (TSG) requirements). • Shall have experience with wireless information systems and architecture; understanding of RF propagation; understanding of cellular telephone systems and networks. • Credentialed graduate of an accredited federal or DoD CI training academy (ex. FBI Academy, etc.

Desired Requirements

Shall possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline.