CI Production Technical Editor





Provide editorial support to all SIC products and correspondence.  

Minimum Requirements

Review approximately 100 products monthly and recommend revisions or changes in approaches, scope, format, methods of production and dissemination.  
Edit intelligence products, reports, briefings, proposals, procedures, and related intelligence materials/correspondence.
Maintain corporate standards for publications.
Consult with team leads and subject matter experts (SME) to ensure common understanding of products and related materials to be produced.
Maintain and archive records, files, electronic media, in accordance with established agency standards.
Select or recommend use of layouts, graphics, drawings, tables, exhibits, illustrations, charts, or storyboards to amplify or clarify product objectives.
Periodically audit and review products to determine whether format or content changes/updates are required.
Meet with subject matter experts for concurrence on content changes.
Remain current on new developments in technical writing, editing and publishing, including technology enhancements that may affect the office.
Assist in preparing material for technical seminars and conferences.
Assist in technical or business presentations in such meetings as business or customer needs require.
Comprehensively edit all SIC products for both content (completeness, accuracy, and appropriate language) and form (organization, visual design, and usability) using software such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Adobe, according to Agency and Intelligence Community standards.
Copy/edit to ensure the document is mechanically correct (spelling, punctuation, and grammar) and stylistically consistent.
Proofread to compare the final version of the document with the marked-up version to ensure all corrections have been made.
Ensure the document’s structure reflects the hierarchy of the content (i.e., more important information should precede secondary information). 
Verify navigational aids, such as cross-references and links, are accurate and functional.
Proofread the final draft checking that templates have been implemented.
Ensure that print projects are marked with instructions for typeface and layout. 
Be capable of editing 10 - 20 products (estimated to be about one page per product) per week on a recurring basis.
Skills and Experience:
Shall possess a minimum of 7 years of established and verifiable experience editing intelligence products according to Intelligence Community Directives (ICD).  Examples of intelligence products include: intelligence information reports, intelligence assessments, threat assessments, briefings, and other intelligence related correspondence.
Shall possess a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Communications, Journalism or related discipline.  
Shall have a strong proficiency with MS Office programs. 
 all SIC products and correspondence.  

Desired Requirements

Editorial certification from an accredited university.
Post-graduate degree in English, Communications, Journalism or related discipline.