Strategic CI Planning Officer





Facilitates performance improvement projects using the generally accepted process improvement methodology: visualize, prioritize, realize framework.
Inventories, evaluates and improves CI office programs, policies and procedures to achieve optimal work process efficiencies and effectiveness.  

Minimum Requirements

Duties may include:
Facilitates team meetings; project selection workshops; and value stream mapping, root cause analysis, failure-mode and effect analysis, and solution generation sessions.
Uses Microsoft Visio to electronically document process maps.
Prepare measurement and sampling plans and collect and analyze process and performance data using statistical analysis tools (Excel, R, and Minitab) and methods (data visualization, hypothesis testing, Analysis of Variance, and regression analysis).
Support the design, development, and implementation of performance improvements such as changes to process steps, creation or updating templates and standard operating procedures (SOPs), and technological improvements.
Create new process pilot plans, facilitate pilot, collect analyze and report on pilot results.
Support design and delivery of training sessions for updated procedures.
Prepare and present to senior leadership in progress reviews, informational, and decision briefings.
Provide Lean, Six Sigma, and Total Quality Management coaching.
Examine four (4) CI programs per year.
Support development of the System for Counterintelligence Operations and Execution (SCOPE).  SCOPE is an interactive SharePoint based task-organization and tracking solution for SIC.  SCOPE was developed (and continues to evolve to include other facets of SIC activities) to help SIC staff and leadership streamline their efforts in a manner that is consistent, repeatable, and measurable.  As it currently stands, SCOPE works as a dashboard for SIC staff to visualize their tasks from multiple sources in one location.  Additionally, SCOPE helps streamline the work that CI Officers have to do in order to produce quality products while simultaneously reducing lead-time.
o Facilitate process design sessions and create system process diagrams using Microsoft Visio.
o Collect, document, and refine system requirements.
o Create feature mockups and user interface designs.
o Gather, manage, and support implementation of user feedback.
o Create system documentation and standard operating procedures. 
o Track project progress and schedule and provide status updates to senior leadership.
Skills and Experience:
Shall possess a minimum of 7 years of established and verifiable experience in business process improvement.
Shall possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration or related discipline.

Desired Requirements

CI experience. 
Master’s degree or greater in Business Administration or related discipline.