Systems Engineering Specialist





Required Knowledge I Skills I Abilities 
Applicable degree(s): Computer Information Systems, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Database Administration, Geographic Information Systems, Information Security, Information Technology (IT) or Software Engineering.
Demonstrated experience monitoring existing systems to ensure structural integrity, overseeing the development and installation of new hardware and software, and installing and configuring operating systems and other software and routinely test installed software for glitch detection and other issues.
Minimum six (6) years of experience in system engineering and IT support. These six {6) years must be concurrent with the requisite years of work experience.
Proven track record of success in installation and maintenance of LINUX-based software.
Ability to write custom scripts to reduce the need for human intervention, design and implement security systems and redundant backups to maintain data safety, and ensure constant availability of technical resources.
Ability to effectively establish and execute strategic and critical task priorities to demonstrate problem-solving skills, and to think algorithmically.
Ability to understand engineering disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical and computer engineering.
Demonstrated experience managing projects that include inter-disciplinary teams.
Experience understanding complex system development methods and system testing practices.

Minimum Requirements

Desired Knowledge/Skills/Abilities 
Experience creating automated scripts and software.
Proficiency with databases and SOL
Relevant specialized engineering experience.
Advanced certifications, such as Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) and Microsoft Certified IT Professionals (MCITP).
Architecture modeling skills.

Implement and maintain computer systems and ensure optimal system performance. 

Work with mission managers and Directorate POCs to successfully monitor the operation and maintain the structural/operational integrity of existing systems. The Contractor shall communicate with stakeholders to identify the tasks the system is to accomplish

Desired Requirements

Required Education and Experience 
Expert Level Must have: 
? Masters + 10 yrs experience, OR BA + 12 yrs experience, OR,AA +14 yrs experience, OR No degree +20 yrs
Senior Level Must Have: 
? Masters + 8 yrs experience, OR BA +10 yrs, OR AA +12 yrs, OR No degree +18 yrs
Mid-Level Must Have: 
? Masters + 2yrs, OR BA +4 yrs, OR AA +6 yrs