Program Coordinator





Program Coordinator
Location: Bethesda, MD
Clearance: TS/SCI Required 
Polygraph: CI Polygraph Required 

Minimum Requirements

Required Knowledge I Skills I Abilities 
Applicable degree(s): Computer Science, Construction, Engineering (any field), Government, Counterintelligence, Insider Threat, Information Technology, Policy, Politics, Political Science, or Security (any field)
Proficient in communicating complex research results in written and spoken form, to support the program review cycle as well as other occasional reporting and documentation requirements.
Demonstrated ability in providing technical analysis of and critiques of progress and test reports.
Demonstrated ability supporting the Government in conducting site visits to performers, FFRDCs and Government entities providing special capabilities.
The Contractor shall assist and support the PM in all technical aspects of the program, to include:
Analysis of performers' technical performance, deliverables and publications;
Independent review and summary of technical literature and emerging technologies;
Continuous survey and summarization of relevant Government, academic, and contracted research;
Assistance in coordination with potential mission and transition partners;
Assistance in testing and evaluation coordination;
Reviewing and summarizing results and reporting; and Researching and managing program evaluations and plans.
Support the Government's cross-community coordination with other Government agencies to reduce R&D redundancy and facilitate technology transfer; support the Government in the Memoranda of Agreement and Memoranda of Understanding with technology transition partners, and provide assistance in drafting program briefings and other program management requirements. 
provide technical support and expertise for new concepts, including support of prototype initiation, recommending technical studies, potential new start briefs, and other work in related areas
Assist the Sponsor in supporting the internal management of programs and projects to include; managing, monitoring, analyzing, and preparing documentation and for on-going and upcoming projects. Requirements may entail researching and developing recommendations and/or drafts of policies and standards relating to Cl and security vulnerabilities.

Desired Requirements

Required Education and Experience 
Expert Level must have: 
? Masters + 10 yrs experience, OR BA + 12 yrs experience, OR,AA +14 yrs experience, OR No degree +20 yrs
Senior Level Must Have: 
? Masters + 8 yrs experience, OR BA +10 yrs, OR AA +12 yrs, OR No degree +18 yrs
Mid-Level Must Have: 
? Masters + 2yrs, OR BA +4 yrs, OR AA +6 yrs