Personnel and Manning





The contractor will support personnel, manning services and functions along with coordinating, updating and maintaining associated work force data and information across the USFK J2 organizations. The contractor will update and maintain the position/billet data in JMD, JTD, JTMD and other organizational charts listings and reports. Monitor data entries and serve as the SME for the USFK J2’ MM&P database. Responsible for all In/out-process, update, maintain and track inbound personnel transition. Synchronize positions/billets with corresponding personnel data and provide personnel and organizational charts and spreadsheets presenting positions/billets and personnel data separately and combined. Shall draft requisitions for JIOC-K JTD military billets for departing personnel to USFK J1. Shall input and update DIA civilian personnel information in the Position Management (POSM) database. Shall prepare and present reports, briefings; recommend responses and report statuses for data calls and unofficial/official tasks for but not limited to military and civilian personnel fill rates, assignment’s, joint military prioritization and replacements and staffing.

Minimum Requirements

Senior Level
8+ years of experience
Bachelor’s degree or specialized training
PACOM experience specifically with Korea is highly desired
Korean language proficiency is preferred 

Desired Requirements

Active/Current TS/SCI security clearance verifiable in JPAS