TS/SCI and ability to obtain a CI Poly (verifiable in JPAS)Job Description: Shall provide deliverables with recommendations for mission leaders on culturally appropriate ways to engage with a local community. Produce regular deliverables I reports as agreed with the COR based on input from mission leaders, SSRB Chief, Division/Deputy Chief or other J2K elements.  Recommending new research initiatives that respond to USAFRICOM requirements in their areas of expertise.  Provide researchers with security and other relevant familiarity training consistent with other DOD initiatives in which social scientists are deployed to overseas mission sites.  Collaborate I consult with the COR and Division/Deputy Chief to ensure the initiatives are aligned with mission goals. Submit post-mission reports assessing initiative effectiveness.  Support planners in understanding the social and political dynamics in a community or countries of focus.  When deployed, Contractor staff must keep the mission leaders, SSRB Chief, Division/Deputy Chief or other J2K elements, and U.S. Embassy informed of their daily location and activities. (A REFERRAL FEE OF UP TO $1,000 IS OFFERED FOR THIS POSITION. Referral fee amounts can vary depending upon job position and are subject to change. Ask recruiter for details.)

Minimum Requirements

  • Must have doctorates (PhD) in a relevant academic discipline related to African studies,
  • At least one year of experience conducting in-depth field research in Africa, and two additional years of either research or other relevant experience in Africa or another developing region with similar social and political challenges. For the purposes of this document, field research is defined as primary data collection through interviews or surveys.
  • Must possess and demonstrate established research and analytic capabilities
  • Must have the ability to work in groups, collaborate with non-specialists, and communicate research and analysis in ways that have practical applications and are understandable to non-specialists.
  • Formal graduate-level training and experience in directing and conducting social science research methods and analysis.
  • Fluency in at least one relevant African language with speaking, writing, and reading capability.