Mission Essential is currently seeking a Cultural Advisor who will furnish administrative and interpreter services for the following locations: 386th AEW and all tenant and geographically separated units to include Abdullah Al Mubarak Air Base (AMAB). These duties include, but are not limited to, supporting the wing/group leadership or authorized designated representative, interacting and coordinating with Host Nation personnel to include matters of security, medical and ministry personnel, deployed United States (US) military personnel, security of assets/resources, and base defense. Other related duties may be assigned by the 386th AEW, or authorized designated representative, at the AOR site under the general scope of this contract. The Cultural Advisors will also accurately translate orally, interpret orally, and transcribe English/Arabic language documents as required. 

Minimum Requirements

In addition, each cultural advisor shall have the capability to:
(a) Be familiar with the local culture/customs and be able to conduct him/herself properly.
(b) Deal unobtrusively with the local populace.
(c) Conduct work assignments and adhere to standards of conduct as prescribed by US Air Force (US) Instructions, this contract, and the laws of the Host Nation.
(d) Function efficiently and effectively during extended periods of high pressure and stress during an emergency or crisis.
(e)Assist in basic office administration (i.e answering phones/doors, writing reports, running forms to and from the front gate, etc) and other related duties as assigned within the general scope of this contract.
(f) Provide driving directions to Ali Al Salem Air Base and Abdullah Al Mubarak Air Base to vendors from all major cities.
(g) Operate government-owned vehicles in accordance with community standards.
(h)Operate government-leased vehicles in accordance with community standards and local laws.
(i) Coordinate with Host Nation (HN) personnel at local Customs, Immigration, DMV, Police and General Headquarters (GHQ) offices.
(j) Coordinate delivery/acceptance of U.S. equipment/supplies to the U.S. complex with the Contracting Office and/or the Logistics Readiness Squadron. This includes supporting arrangements between the Host Nation security and U.S. Government Personnel while also providing linguistic support during material inspections.

Desired Requirements


Minimum of 10 years’ experience as a cultural advisor and/or interpreter.
Certificate or proof of a proficiency of 3+ in both Modern Standard Arabic and English from the Interagency Roundtable (ILR) or Defense Language proficiency Test (DLPT) equivalent.  
Proof of having a current Department of Defense (DOD) approved “SECRET” security clearance (JPAS Verified)
Location is living on base; Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait.  Living options off base can be discussed but are at the expense of the employee.