Simultaneous Arabic Interpreter/Cultural Advisor





Mission Essential is seeking a Senior Simultaneous Arabic Interpreter/Cultural Management Advisor who will provide professional and expert translation support to the US Embassy Political-Military management team.

Minimum Requirements

In addition, each Arabic Simultaneous Interpreter/Cultural Advisor shall have the capability to:

Contractors must have a command of the required language(s) in both written and spoken form. 
Linguists must be able to speak and read at the S4/R4 level. Contractors must be able to understand and speak in the required language(s) and able to understand and communicate in a variety of required language(s) dialects.  
Must be able to transcribe by rendering the spoken word of a language(s) into the written form of the same language(s), save the result on a USG owned computer and / or in printed format.
Must be able to transcribe written notes in English, but may include, to a lesser degree, other language(s) as described herein.
Must be able to translate the spoken or written word of one language(s) into the written form of another language(s), save the results on a USG owned computer and/or in printed format by using the computer, keyboard, Microsoft Office suite of software programs.
Must be able to interpret spoken words orally and simultaneously or consecutively from the target language(s) into English, or to rend spoken words from English into the target language(s).
Must be able to review a translation or transcription conducted by someone other than the individual performing the original translation, transcription, or the quality control review of the specified original work in order to attest to the accuracy of the final work.
Must be able to prepare a comprehensive summary by providing a typed, concise and accurate synopsis of oral or written communication containing the identity of the speakers or correspondents, and all locations and events mentioned that pertain to the subject of the communication.
Ability to manage critical time sensitive projects that require extensive coordination across program and organization lines.
Ability to make decisive action and speak with authority on behalf of management in obtaining consensus on operational requirements.
Ability to interact effectively with individuals in garnering cooperation and support for key planning, operations and management initiatives in the assigned program area.
Ability to provide leadership and work effectively, cooperatively in a multi-disciplinary team environment under considerable stress and minimal supervision.
Provide advice and guidance to reconcile conflicting viewpoints, negotiate agreements with various stakeholders.

Desired Requirements


Must have a Top Secret Clearance.
Must be able to read, write, listen, and speak in Arabic at a 4/4 level
Must be a US citizen

Additionally, Arabic Simultaneous Interpreter/Cultural Advisors shall hold one of two backgrounds.

1. Undergraduate Degree: Major Study - the appropriate foreign language(s) from an English-speaking college or university, English from a college or university in the other country, or translating or interpreting where English and the foreign language(s) were prerequisites.
2. Specialized Experience: Two or more years’ experience in translating, interpreting, or other work requiring the use of English and the other language(s); or a combination of work (that required English and the other required languages) and training at the Defense Language Institute, Foreign Service Institute, or comparable training institute.