Hindi Linguist - Kuwait





Candidates will perform all phases of collecting, interpreting, translating, and performing analysis of mission data.  

Minimum Requirements

The contract linguist shall be able to do the following:

Minimum proficiency ALTA Level 9 or 3 on the ILR Scale Target Language Hindi and English for Interpretation and Translation. 

Produce idiomatic translations of non-technical material using correct syntax and speak (EN and target LIC)
Conduct consecutive and accurate translations of on-going conversations/activities (EN and Target LIC)
Familiar with local culture and customs and able to conduct themselves properly
Deal unobtrusively with the locals
Adhere to standards of conduct as prescribed by the USAF and host nation laws
May be required to live and work in harsh, desert environment to include living and working in temporary facilities (tents)
Function as a member of a team of highly trained professionals and responsible for safety and security of US Military and Civilian personnel and resources.
Potentially operate government owned vehicles

Locations for work could be in any of the following locations:

Ali Al Salem Air Base, Kuwait
Kuwait City Air Base, Kuwait
Al Jaber, Kuwait

Desired Requirements

Preferred Qualifications
Must fluently interpret and translate Hindi and English
Overseas experience with substantive knowledge of various intelligence/information gathering operations is nice to have
Minimum of SECRET Clearance to apply
In-depth knowledge of Middle Eastern or East African affairs, media, and cultural specific nuances. 
Ability to use critical thinking/analytic skills to process large amounts of information, detecting important factors and elements