Target Digital Network Analyst





The Target Digital Network Analyst conducts advanced analysis of collection and open-source data to ensure target continuity, to profile targets and their activities, and develop techniques to gain more target information. The Target Digital Network Analyst has an understanding the principles and methods of exploiting foreign communications and communication systems to identify, collect, analyze process and disseminate information in accordance with established requirements and priorities; analyzes DNI data for reportable intelligence information and building target profiles; maintains appropriate databases for targeting, tasking, and analysis; performs sustained target analysis and enhancement through the use of DNI and DNR analytic techniques; analyzes DNI data to identify new access development opportunities for follow-on collection requirements; performs research using open source and classified sources to develop comprehensive baseline profiles of designated target sets; identifies intelligence gaps and evaluating the intelligence gathered in order to either tailor current collection or enable new collection to close the gaps.

Minimum Requirements

Level 2 Qualifications:
At least 8 years’ experience with job description, NSA facility preferred.
At least 2 of the years’ experience must have been within the last 5 years. 
Prior demonstrated experience in the use of software applications and databases associated with network analysis and target development 
Ability to monitor and develop target across several communications technologies. 
Capable of executing own and others’ tasking. 
Able to independently task across all authorities, maintaining compliance, without releaser, oversight officer or legal rejection/modification. 
Capable of building analytics for more complex discovery and analysis tasks.
Understands multiple internet protocols, telecommunications technologies, and internet routing
Understands multiple communications protocols and can analyze technical data from collected information for new collection opportunities. 
Can evaluate information for signs of communications changes and identify alternate means of communication.
Level 3 Qualifications:
At least 12 years’ experience within job description, preferable at NSA facility.
At least 2 of the years of experience must have been within the last 5 years 
The candidate must meet the additional qualifications for a Skill Level 1 of at least one of the following LCATs: TAR, SGA or NEA. 
Prior demonstrated experience in the use of software applications and databases associated with network analysis and target development 
Runs complex queries using a variety of different tools. 
Can provide guidance to others on how to run better queries or use different tools or task selectors so as to take advantage of all available collection opportunities.
Takes advantage of new collection resources and shares this information with others who would benefit from it.
Takes initiative to review scripts/traffic from other streams of collection to look for leads or complimenting data to enhance overall story.
Expert level understanding internet protocols, digital telecommunications technologies, and internet routing and the merging packet and circuit switched networks. 
Performs DNR development to ID other methods of target communications, and works with language analysts to analyze importance of selectors and tie them to targets of interest.
Target development results in discovery of reportable information. 
Understands computer network infrastructure enabling discovery of new avenues of target development. 
Works with other SIGDEV elements to introduce new tools/avenues of pursuit in an effort to find new collection. 
Ability to discover alternate means of communication for complex and operationally sophisticated targets. 
Able to develop custom analytics for target discovery and analysis of complex targets.
Mentor junior analysts on how to use tools and teach basic development.

Desired Requirements

Clearance: TS/SCI w/ CI Poly, FS poly preferred (must be verifiable in JPAS)