Mission Essential is seeking Farsi Linguists with excellent English skills to qualify for a variety of position types with the U.S. Government.  Positions may require a broader variety of language-related tasks, to include triage, gisting/summarizing, and transcription of audio/video materials. The candidate should have cultural knowledge in order to properly render abstract language and idioms. Previous work experience with the USG and/or military as a linguist is helpful, but is not a requirement. Applicants must have a willingness to travel worldwide as needed for assignments.

Minimum Requirements

Relevant Years of Experience:  3-10+ years of experience generally needed 
Education:  Bachelor’s Degree
Ideal candidates will have recently attended some level of higher education in their Native Country AS WELL AS the US 
Core Skills (must be able to demonstrate in a resume): Interpretation, Transcription of Target Language to English, and Transcription of English into Target Language
Ancillary Skills (must be able to demonstrate  i a resume): Blogging, Content Management, Editing, Monitoring, Quality Control, Scanning, Selection, Subject Matter Expert 
Areas of Expertise (must be able to demonstrate in a resume): Counter proliferation, Cyber, Economics, and Military 
Candidates will qualify at different levels:  Primary, Senior, and Expert based on the scores they receive during customer testing.   Individuals who have previously scored ILR 3 or higher for target language and English are ideal candidates. 
Excellent Target Language and English skills are an absolute must.
Successful candidates must be able to travel to Northern Virginia to take a Government Proctored Translation Language exam.

Desired Requirements

Ancillary Skills: Summarizing/Gisting, Terminology Management, Translation Related Services, Triage, Writing Analysis, Writing Reports, and workflow 
Areas of Expertise (must be able to demonstrate experience in a resume): International Relations, Religion, Narcotics, Science and Technology, and Sponsor Operations.  

Must be a U.S. Citizen (cannot have Dual Citizenship)
Ability to work as a team
Ability to give/receive constructive feedback on translation reviews
Must be able to type no less than 45wpm in English and in the target language
Must be Proficient in Microsoft office suite
Must be able to qualify on weapons to meet WZ requirements if needed 
Medically fit to travel if needed for a TDY mission if needed 
Willingness to travel to meet changing mission needs - "anywhere, anytime"
Must have cultural knowledge and be knowledgeable in current events for their area of expertise
All candidates must pass and English test with a score of 80% or above, testing your understanding of Grammar and Reading Comprehension