Special Security Officer






Perform annual site visits to 693 ISRG facilities to ensure compliance with applicable security regulations and policies. 
Generate formal reports during each site visit.
Indoctrinate, in process, debrief, out process, create courier cards, and provide official travel reporting for Group personnel to ensure compliance with Top Secret (TS) and TS/Sensitive Compartmentalized Information (SCI)-related security requirements.
Liaison with DIA accreditation branch for approval of exceptions to policy and waivers of intelligence community technical specification standards.
Identify issues which have the potential for significant impact and effect on national security. 
Submit Security Incident Reports as applicable. 
Compile and analyze program data and reports, identify trends, and develop comprehensive recommendations to reduce or eliminate vulnerabilities in the security program as requested.
Assist with investigation and reporting of security violations and incidents.
Evaluate potential tactical SCIFs and temporary secure working areas to identify risk and mitigate security vulnerabilities.
Recommend standard operating procedures and security requirements to ensure the protection of extremely sensitive operational material.
Process command requests for SCI access and ensure the termination of access to SCI when appropriate.

Minimum Requirements

Enforce all operational, functional, and mission assurance aspects of the program, to include validation of all positions requiring access to classified information, processing of personnel security investigations, and establishment and maintenance of security information files (SIFs).
Contribute input for overall program goals, plans, policy implementation guidelines, procedures, and work plans dealing with the development and operation of personnel security programs and activities.
Maintain oversight and reporting requirements on SCI-cleared personnel that demonstrate sound security practices for ensuring the safeguarding of classified information.
Assist in ensuring administration of SCI programs in compliance with Presidential directives, National Intelligence Community directives, Department of Defense (DoD) manuals and policies, and Air Force directives, manuals, and instructions.
Assist in developing Group policy and guidance to ensure SCI data, personnel assets, and facilities are available.
Participate in review of Special Security Office (SSO) functions for 693 ISRG and subordinate units, to include visitor control, indoctrinations and debriefings, SCI intelligence sanitization, TEMPEST compliance, accreditations, tactical SCIFs, temporary secure working areas, and SCIF operations/access control.

Desired Requirements

Required Qualifications 
Master's degree in a related field and 3 years of recent specialized experience; OR Bachelor's degree in a related field and 6 years of recent specialized experience; OR 10 years of recent specialized experience. 
TS/SCI clearance 
Be appointed as an Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP) POC; provide input/attend AT/FP meetings; disseminate AT/FP information as required.
Conduct formal Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) assessments every 5 years (delegated by Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) per DoDM 5105.21, Volumes 1-3).