ELINT Watch Stander





Knowledge of the Intelligence Community's Generic Area Limitation Environment (GALE) system and experience as an operational ELINT specialist. This analysis also requires an in-depth understanding of the maritime environment, experience with operational intelligence (OPINTEL) analysis, and identification of military and commercial ship radar signals.
Provide ELINT ship tracking covering different global target geographic regions corresponding to the COCOM AORs
Experience with SeaWatch Database

Minimum Requirements

Required Experience

1 year experience with the Intelligence Community GALE system
1 year experience with NSA’s Wrangler db
Skill set comparable to Navy E5 Crypto Tech (NEC 9140, NEC 9102, USMC MOC 31) w/ 3 years ELINT experience and 2 years OPINTEL analysis and identification of military ship radar signals experience

Desired Requirements

2 years’ experience Microsoft Office products, proficient in Word, Excel an PowerPoint