Language Instructor Level 0 – Chinese





The Language Instructor shall develop and deliver language training based on customer requirements using a variety of techniques including face-to-face, online, distance, synchronous, asynchronous, and self-paced instruction. Employ blended learning techniques to include a combination of eLearning tools, lectures, classroom discussions, team exercises, readings, case studies, role plays, and demonstrations of required skills through work-related tasks. Develop and deliver ISO immersion, language-related courses, and Area Studies training. Use appropriate contemporary authentic material and courseware development technology. Develop and conduct diagnostic assessments. Collaborate on teaching and development teams as required.

Minimum Requirements

In addition, each Language Instructor Level 0 – Chinese shall have the capability to:

Deliver foreign language training using Government- or Contractor-provided documentation, including assessment plans, instructor guides and student materials.
Tailor approaches in accordance with student learning styles and strategies. 
Work as part of a teaching team, as required.
Interact with course developers, curriculum managers, Government instructors, and Contractor instructors to assist with design and implementation of training. 
Use basic classroom technology to include audio/video/DVD components, and computer applications, such as Microsoft Office. 
Provide constructive feedback on student progress to the Government. All learning assessments correlate with or directly support unit/topic/course objectives. 
Meet skill level requirements for Microsoft Word Level 1 and PowerPoint Level 1.

Desired Requirements


High School Diploma, G.E.D. equivalent, or equivalent from country where raised.
Must be able to obtain a government security clearance.
Speaker with native capability and a minimum ILR proficiency level 4 in reading, listening and speaking in the standard form of the language to be taught and a minimum ILR proficiency level 2 in reading, writing, speaking and listening in English OR a speaker with native capability in English and a minimum ILR proficiency level 3 in reading and listening in the standard form of the language to be taught. Skill levels must be documented within the last 3 years.
Two (2) years of experience teaching adult language education and methodology to include: Preparing and presenting language face-to-face instruction within a formal language environment, preferably with a focus on translation, grammar, listening and reading comprehension, speaking, and writing. Experience in identifying and using authentic material to support objectives. 
Experience in assessing student performance. 
Six (6) months experience using appropriate language fonts, keyboards, and language training software. 

SIGINT or Intelligence Community experience 
Associates Degree