IT Project Manager





The IT Project Manager will exhibit extensive telecommunication/network infrastructure background and experience by supporting 31 CS staff in developing a future IT outlook and associated Concept of Operations (CONOPS). The IT Project Manager will provide proposed IT solutions to decision makers. The objective is to determine a clear vision for the future of the 31st Fighter Wing (AW) IT concepts and advise on the path to take in order to transform these visions into reality.
  • Analyzing IT requirements to determine validity, accuracy, or feasibility for implementation at Aviano Air Base.
  • Resolves discrepancies with appropriate agencies in order to meet objectives. Unresolved discrepancies will be delivered to the COR as soon as possible, but no later than 3 business days upon discovery.
  • Researching and documenting proposed IT infrastructure and system topologies including architecture, system connectivity and interoperability. Documents will comply with AFI 17-401.
  • Recommending standards, procedures, and enhancements for implementation and maintenance of 31 CS IT technologies.
  • Reviewing and coordinating on the technical content of proposals presented by contractors, Air Force or DoD engineers for the construction or renovation of facilities, technical quality of equipment to be installed, installation of equipment, and maintenance of equipment.
  • Functions as an expert on equipment specifications, capabilities and operation procedures, providing guidance for selection and acquisition of C4I equipment and infrastructure.
  • Author assigned segments of IT planning, transition, and policy documents using applicable directives such as AFI 32-1023 and AFI 17-401, and also industry best practices such as Information Technology (IT) Electronic Industries Association (EIA), Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), Service Management (ITSM) processes within the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL v3) framework following DoD and Air Force policy and guidance.
  • Demonstrate progress on ITSM draft documents by providing weekly updates.
  • Developing project implementation plans in accordance with MPTO 00-33A-1001 (Chapter 19 and 20) for all approved and funded strategic plans, and interface with appropriate staff and outside agencies to execute those plans.
  • Compare current capabilities with requirements in order to address shortfalls, areas for future concentration, and total cost of ownership.
  • Provides estimates for planning, programming, and budgeting for infrastructure upgrades and/or equipment purchase requirements.
  • Ensure communications systems architecture, configuration, and integration conformity by coordinating engineering data through the Cyberspace Systems Integrator-Base Level.
  • Manage implementation of communication systems projects in accordance with MPTO 00-33A-1001 (Chapter 19 and 20).
  • Direct and lead all assigned planning meetings, video and teleconferences.
  • Coordinates site surveys with internal and external agencies. Prepares site survey results and presents briefings, as required.
  • Coordinates the allocation and/or placement of resources, prepares/reviews equipment and facility specifications, monitors/resolves technical communication problems and/or conducts operational acceptance in accordance with AFI 32-1023, AFI 17-401, Air Force Engineering Technical Letter 02-12, UFC 3-580-01, TIA and other applicable directives.
  • Creating, gathering and reporting on metrics for IT systems.
  • Conduct weekly project meetings for all IT projects with the government PM and CO to discuss statuses and any other issues that arise on the performance of the contract with the purpose of coordinating efforts, producing deliverables and strategic planning in concert with the government PM.

Minimum Requirements

  • Must have at least an active secret security clearance
  • Must possess current Project Management Professional Certification (PMP)
Must have at least six (6) years’ experience in the following areas:
  • Network Architecture 
  • Network and Desktop Computing & Services 
  • Telecommunications and Infrastructure Architecture 
  • Technical writing 
  • System Developmental Lifecycle (SDLC) 
  • Developing SDLC life cycle management plans 
  • Military communication planning (Ref: Air Force MPTO00-33A-1001, Chapters 19 and 20) 
  • Developing statements of work (SOW) 
  • Developing statement of objectives (SOO) 
Education Requirements
  • Master's degree in a related field and 8 years of recent specialized experience; OR Bachelor's degree in a related field and 11 years of recent specialized experience; OR 15 years of recent specialized experience

Desired Requirements

 Work Schedule
0730 to 1630, Monday through Friday, for a normal work week of 40 hours. You may be required to work on weekends and/or Federal holidays in conjunction with required temporary duty travel. In these circumstances, the work week could exceed 40 hours, but no more than 60 hours.