TSCM/Cyber Technical Analyst





To develop policies, procedures, and reporting requirements for NGA’s Persistent Knight program. Specifically, SIC requires Operational-level TSCM/Cyber Technical Analysts.

Minimum Requirements

Duties may include:
Conduct daily TSCM Cyber missions. Those duties include:
o Coordinating with NGA Cyber stakeholders to prepare for TSCM Cyber missions.
o Installing TSCM Cyber equipment effectively for the respective mission area.
o Conducting thorough analysis of cyber data to support TSCM missions.
o Collaborating with NGA Cyber stakeholders to investigate findings.
o Briefing customers on the results of TSCM Cyber missions.
o Reporting TSCM Cyber findings to customers within established timeframes.
o Complying with National, DoD, and agency regulations and instructions as they relate to TSCM Cyber missions.
o Being very familiar with current TSCM and CI policies.
Develop new TSCM Cyber capabilities for the Technical Operations Branch. Those duties include:
o Researching new cyber technologies to enhance current TSCM Cyber capabilities.
o Testing new cyber technologies on NGA infrastructure to ensure compatibility.
o Developing procedural guides for the TSCM team to utilize on future missions.
o Training TSCM practitioners on the use of newly developed cyber technologies.
Acquire and maintain knowledge, subject matter expertise, tradecraft, and technical competency in TSCM and TSCM Cyber. Those duties include:
o Attending cyber security training to comply with DoD 8570 IAT II requirements.
o Participating in equipment specific training to understand and deploy tradecraft.
o Researching and attending advanced cyber security training to enhance technical competency.
o Gaining and maintaining compliance with NGA TSCM specific training plan to be provided upon award.
Assist with technical operations as required by the customer.  These duties include:
o Conducting TSCM and technical security services for preventing unauthorized access to government facilities and possible loss of sensitive or classified information.
o Providing reports and briefings of conclusions for each evaluation conducted.
o Providing research services and advising program office personnel on National and international developments in commercial, state-of-the-art technical security technology.
o Reviewing and making recommendations for the design of technical security upgrades (not to be provided by the contractor) based on counterthreat plans, physical security and technical security policies.
Skills and Experience:
Shall have a minimum of 11 years CI experience, of which at least 5 of those years include federal TSCM cyber experience. 
Shall have an Interagency Training Center (ITC) TSCM Certification and complete at least 40 hours of discipline-specific development or refresher training every fiscal year. The training delivery may include classroom, on-line, or commercially-available training, or exercise.  The NGA customer will sponsor Government-offered, discipline-specific development or refresher training IAW National and DoD standards. However, NGA will NOT sponsor TSCM Fundamentals certification as this is a requirement on day 1. The contractor will be responsible for funding associated with this certification and all commercial-offered training.
Shall possess TSCM Cyber certification (TSCM Fundamentals graduation will suffice, with an expectation for "TSCM for Information Systems" (ITC) or equivalent)
Shall possess A +, Network +, and Sec + Certifications in accordance with DoD 8140 requirements.
Shall have telephone security experience (i.e. with Telephone Security Group (TSG) requirements).
Shall have knowledge and experience with Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems, Cloud systems and network architecture, and their associated vulnerabilities.
Shall be a credentialed graduate of an accredited federal or DoD CI training academy (ex. FBI Academy, etc.)
Shall possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline.

Desired Requirements

Possess post-graduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related technical discipline.