Policy and Strategy Analyst





Required Knowledge I Skills I Abilities 
Applicable degree(s) in: Counterintelligence, Government, Insider Threat, Library Science, Logistics, Politics, Political Science, Security, or Supply Chain.
Extensive experience facilitating working groups to resolve complex policy issues.
Extensive experience creating professional policy products.
Extensive experience with balancing a diverse workload in order to meet changing and competing requirements, and advanced capacity to prioritize or recommend priorities and courses of action to the customer.
Advanced skills using MS Office products (i.e. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe Pro}.
Strong analytical, problem-solving, interpersonal, organizational, grammar, and editorial skills, with attention to detail.
Demonstrated expertise in supporting U.S. Federal Government outreach and strategic communications.
Assist NCSC in policy development, assessment, analysis, review, recommendations, preparation, and promulgation for all Government agencies. 
Support the Government in creating and developing Cl and Security policy that affects non-IC government agencies that do not fall under the DNI (i.e., Department of Agriculture or the Department of Energy.)
support activities related to planning, implementation, and revision of the National Counterintelligence  Strategy (NCIS), the National Intelligence Strategy (NIS),  national intelligence policies (such as the Unifying Intelligence Strategy), and other strategies as required.
Support in the coordination, research, analysis, review, and revision of new and existing national-level Cl and security policies, processes, and requirements.

Minimum Requirements

Required Education and Experience 
Expert Level Must have: 
? Masters + 10 yrs experience, OR BA + 12 yrs experience, OR,AA +14 yrs experience, OR No degree +20 yrs
Senior Level Must Have: 
? Masters + 8 yrs experience, OR BA +10 yrs, OR AA +12 yrs, OR No degree +18 yrs
Mid-Level Must Have: 

Desired Requirements

? Masters + 2yrs, OR BA +4 yrs, OR AA +6 yrs