Intelligence/Counterintelligence Analyst





Required Knowledge I Skills I Abilities 
Applicable degree(s): Computer Science, Economics, History, International Affairs, Intelligence, International Relations, International Business, linguistics (focus/concentration in Russian, Korean, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, etc.), National Security, Terrorism Studies, Political Science or Psychology.
Demonstrated relevant experience/expertise supporting U.S. Federal Government in Central Asia, Korea, or Middle East analysis, and experience with Data Analytics, Operations Research, Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Counterintelligence, Insider Threat, Security, Cyber security, Engineering, English, Forensic Accounting, Telecommunications, or Physics.
Ability to recognize all relevant information and produce objective assessments, free of any bias and be pertinent to client needs.
Extensive skills in both written and oral communications.

Minimum Requirements

Desired Knowledge/Skills/Abilities 
Strategic operational planning, centralized de-confliction, and coordination  for Cl activities conducted by the U. S. Government in direct response to Presidential Directives, National Strategy, and National needs and priorities;
Assistance to the Sponsor in conducting an annual assessment of the effectiveness of the Offensive Cl Operations (OFCO) program;
Assistance to the Sponsor in overseeing the U.S. Government's Cl enabling programs and capabilities to support sensitive Cl activities;
Support into the development, oversight and continuous refinement of technical and cyber Cl programs across the U.S. Government;
Support to the development and management of the U.S. Government's centralized knowledge base of foreign intelligence threat actors;
Assistance to the Sponsor in conducting activities related to security of financial management processes and systems

Desired Requirements

Required Education and Experience 
Expert Level Must have: 
 Masters + 10 yrs experience, OR BA + 12 yrs experience, OR,AA +14 yrs experience, OR No degree +20 yrs
Senior Level Must Have: 
 Masters + 8 yrs experience, OR BA +10 yrs, OR AA +12 yrs, OR No degree +18 yrs
Mid-Level Must Have: 
 Masters + 2yrs, OR BA +4 yrs, OR AA +6 yrs