Location: Worldwide

Languages:  English and Farsi


Job Description: Editors ensure that all products produced are grammatically correct according to idiomatic American English and meet designated style standards according to guides like the OSE Operations and Style Guide and individual lexicons maintained by different issue areas.  Editors shall apply substantive and linguist knowledge of the target issue areas when editing OSE products.  Editors shall adhere to copyediting principles.

Minimum Requirements

In addition, each Editor shall have the capability to:

·         Understand and follow the details of OSE collection, selection, production, dissemination, and operations.  Editors must communicate effectively with contractor personnel in person and electronically ton include onsite dispersed personnel.

Desired Requirements


·         Must have OSE experience

·         Must have experience working with Microsoft Office Suite, Internet tools, and be able to follow technical instructions for the use of exploitation tools and data-centric processes.

·         Must be bilingual, native English speaker who has learned a second language

·         Must adhere to quality standards according to a designated style guide like the OSE Operations and Style Guide as well as develop and maintain a language services quality control and quality assurance program.

·         Must be able to propose plans for translation accuracy, editorial quality, and quality control to meet the expectation of fewer than 10% translation errors and few than 10 percent editorial and content management errors.

·         Must continuously monitor the accuracy and completeness of the translated products by systematically selecting jobs from all personnel for review.

·         Must apply quality assurance methodology to ensure the Sponsor’s quality standards are met or exceeded.

·         Must be able to include mechanisms for receiving and integrating feedback from the Sponsor on regularly schedule, ad hoc, and immediate bases.

  • Must be willing to work shift work if needed
  • U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Local Nationals are eligible to apply