Senior Arabic and French Exploitation Specialist





Location: Near East

Language: Arabic and French (must have both)


Job Description: Senior Arabic and French Exploitation Specialists demonstrate subject matter expertise and a keen understanding of the information environment as they identify items meeting mission requirements, condition this data in accordance with sponsor instructions, and, if necessary, import it into data repository designated by the sponsor.  Review feeds from English to language sources to determine suitability for further dissemination in the reporting stream and condition/enrich selected items according to sponsor requirements.

Minimum Requirements


·         Exploitation Position Level: 

           Senior: 3-10 years of experience, commensurate training, or education.

·         Must have experience working with Microsoft Office Suite, Internet tools, and be able to follow technical instructions for the use of exploitation tools and data-centric processes.

·         Must have OSE (Open Source Enterprise) experience.

·         Must be able to pass a English Test (LAMP)

·         Must be a native level speaker of language.

·         Must demonstrate an understanding of information collected from the latest digital media platforms, widely used terminology, find and/or extract information from various sources, and evaluate source authoritativeness and relevance.

·         Must be able to describe the information environment, and alert the sponsor to changes, including shifts in the biases, influence, and overall intelligence value of sources.

·         Must be knowledgeable about Internet penetration rates, and patterns of use across a variety of print and broadcast formats, social media platforms, and digital and mobile applications.

Desired Requirements

  • Must be willing to work shift work
  • U.S. Citizens, Permanent Residents, and Local Nationals are eligible to apply – most if not all work will be remote