Language Development Program Coordinator Level II





·         Compile and assemble routine correspondence and records;

·         Print reports and other documents in draft and final form using word process software and/or other automated programs;

·         Document completion of program criteria;

·         Create, maintain and provide e-mail aliases for program members for distribution of development opportunities and social networking;

·         Prepare graduation certificates and assist with the graduation ceremonies;

·         Create and update records/reports for language professional development activities and to support language programs;

·         Support program managers by coordinating with other organizations regarding language programs;

·         Create records/reports for language professional development activities;

·         Collect travel requirements to assist with the preparation of travel spend plans;

·         Assist in planning and scheduling open forum sessions, meetings and workshops with program members and management;

·         Schedule open forum session with program members and management;

·         Prepare PowerPoint materials for various program manager briefings and presentations;

·         Maintain lists and alias of language and area studies points of contact, and update as required;

·         Liaise with Government training managers to ensure they have current information on training processes, initiatives and procedures to identify, submit and validate language and area studies training requirements;

Minimum Requirements

In addition, each Language Development Program Coordinator Level II shall have the capability to:


·         Document language center requirement, registration and enrollment processes and procedures to ensure they are developed and updated in accordance with ADET policies and business rules;

·         Leverage knowledge of language families, dialects, training methodologies, Interagency Language Roundtable (ILR) levels, and DoD language policies to develop and recommend language training solutions and to place students in courses;

·         Maintain and update language training roadmaps according to the Cryptologic Training System Training Standard and the Language Analysis Skill Community Professional Health Program; (

·         Review and evaluate specific language training products/courses and recommend updates and revisions to improve them;

·         Provide administrative support to assist the Government in conducting workshops relating to planning and organizing effective cryptologic foreign language training;

·         Gather input regarding training trends and needs for the annual training manager seminar;

·         Schedule and coordinate periodic meetings to include requirement reviews;

·         Collect and validate training requirements for Government review as input to strategic management decisions and policies related to course scheduling and seat allocation;

·         Consolidate and forward for Government review external vendor training, Mobile Training Team and iso immersion language training requirements based on language level and language training history;

·         Provide statistical data to the Government to track the effectiveness of language and area studies instruction;

·         Perform initial review of Service funding requests for language training based on Government provided criteria; prepare documents for Government review.


Desired Requirements


·         B.A./B.S. in Education, Language, Language-related, Business, or Management; 

·         TS/SCI with CI poly

·         Eight (8) years of experience as a DoD foreign language professional;

·         In lieu of the Bachelor’s Degree an additional four (4) years of directly related, applied, practical work experience for a total of twelve (12) years of experience may be substituted;

·         Four (4) years of experience using foreign language in SIGINT Operations;

·         Two (2) years of work experience in managing, coordinating and delivering language training opportunities in accordance with DoD policies and procedures;

·         Four (4) years of experience drafting and following standard operating procedures and checklists, and communicating with colleagues and customers via written correspondence.