Aegean/Levant All Source Intelligence Analyst





Mission Essential is currently seeking an Aegean/Levant All Source Intelligence Analyst to provide knowledge of Joint, DOD and NATO regulations and publications, understand the U.S. Intelligence Community and DNI tradecraft standards, USEUCOM theater operations, and be knowledgeable of databases and software programs used in the DOD intelligence environment. The successful candidate will support the intelligence directorate in performing and managing strategic and operational analysis, with emphasis on intelligence support to the Aegean-Levant. He/she will research all source reporting to produce predictive and current finished intelligence products, coordinate all analytical products, and support national level organizations and theater staffs for dissemination across tactical, operational and strategic environments. He/she will employ analytical methodologies that reduce uncertainties concerning the Aegean-Levant, including textual, cartographic and imagery-based products that communicate intelligence to decision makers about current and future disposition of forces. He/she will convey factual information clearly and concisely, both orally and in writing, often under pressure and tight deadlines. Specific duties shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Acting on established Aegean-Levant analysis and production priorities when tasked by the QAP, identifying sub-tasks, integrating all JAC intelligence products with other products, and coordinating with external agencies.
  • Analyzing all source intelligence information associated with the Aegean-Levant to produce assessments, reports, articles, threat analyses, special studies etc, responsive to user needs
  • Maintaining and updating common battle space awareness and the common intelligence picture (to include proficiency in CIP/COP tools, including GCCS and Google Earth)
  • Identifying intelligence gaps and requesting solutions via the collections process.
  • Maintaining all source database op area o f responsibility; using multiple source intelligence tools to perform all source threat force analysis.
  • Analyzing and fusing reports from multiple intelligence sources (HUMINT, SIGINT, IMINT, MASINT) to provide intelligence preparation of the battlespace, target development, and indications and warning of emerging threats.


(A REFERRAL FEE OF UP TO $3,000 IS OFFERED FOR THIS POSITION. Referral fee amounts can vary depending upon job position and are subject to change. Ask recruiter for details.)

Minimum Requirements

  • Requires All Source Intelligence Analysis experience, some of which must be within the Aegean/Levant region
  • Junior = 2-3 years
  • Mid-level = 4-6 years
  • Senior = 8+ years
  • Bachelor’s degree or specialized training
  • Active/Current TS/SCI security clearance verifiable in JPAS
  • Must have or be able to pass a CI polygraph.

Desired Requirements