The Armed CISS conducts screenings off-FOB in Afghan controlled and potentially hostile fire zones without an armed USFOR-A/RS military presence.  Supports complex time-sensitive military operations, identify and perform basic network analysis, and conduct planning efforts. Resolves conflicts among multiple priorities and implements effective solutions to maintain timelines for deliverables. 

The Armed CISS Is an expert in assigned CI discipline and demonstrates the ability to work effectively with civilian team members and partner forces. Performs FP/CI Screening of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.  Maintains all operational files and Reports Log and upload results into the Tactical CI Operations Portal (TCOP).  Schedules and plans missions. Performs convoy operations to mission sites and enforces team force protection posture; Provides support to covering agent programs as required. Performs operational coordination and conducts operations briefings.  

As directed the Armed CISS will conduct CI interviews; provide support to Covering Agent Programs. Provide analysis to support CI investigations and Threat Awareness and Reporting Program (TARP); Provide support to Operation Security (OPSEC)/TARP awareness programs to base personnel; Coordinate with installation leadership/FP personnel/CI elements/2X elements.  

The Armed CISS will develop recording mechanisms for Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures. Coordinate with senior leadership and senior intelligence officials on station to ensure CI activities support Regional Command CJ2X, battlespace owner S2X, or the Military Intelligence (MI) commander and supported Command.

Minimum Requirements

 This position requires individuals to be government trained
counterintelligence agents with a minimum of 5 years of experience.
• Knowledge of Army/Joint CI procedures, doctrine, and practices
• Deployed experience
• Experience in working with and through interpreters
• Experience with interview and solicitation techniques
• Experience with CI principles and methods
• Experience in developing screening /interviewing/debriefing plans
• Briefing skills
• Experience with the evaluation of information requiring further
• Able to qualify with the M4 rifle and M9 pistol using basic military
marksmanship standards
• Able to carry a 60-lb pack in the field and the M4 rifle for self defense
• This position requires former military occupational specialty (MOS) 35L,
351L, 97B, 35E or civilian 1811 /0132 badged and credentialed CI Agent
or DoD joint service equivalents 18F, 180A or USAF7XOS1
• This position requires Secret clearance
• Highly Desired qualifications and/or experience: Knowledge of the Dari or Pashto language and Afghan culture a plus

Desired Requirements

Education: Associates Degree