Analytic Linguist





Applications are being accepted for future work:

Analytic Linguists Summary of Duties and Responsibilities:
Mission Essential Personnel (MEP) is seeking Analytic Linguists of various languages to provide full-time, translation, interpretation, and transcription services supporting programs at locations throughout the Northwest United States.  
Analytic Linguists will provide both simultaneous and consecutive interpretation support; transcribe and translate; prepare and update databases of translated source material; and, provide quality control oversight and review of other linguist products. 


Monitor – Listen to or read communications and perform immediate verbal summaries. Provide typed summary of verbal summary. 

Translate – Accurately translate orally (consecutive and/or simultaneous) a wide variety of complex texts, conversations, and recordings from the target language into Standard English. Accurately capture cultural subtleties, nuance, and emphasis. 
Identify and flawlessly summarize all pertinent factual information and abstract concepts, recognizing the significance of complex expressions, such as colloquial text or technical terminology 
Triage documentation to isolate the full-range of information that is of importance to the task at hand; master the use of, and assist in the development of, reference materials
Transcribe – Render verbatim spoken language into the written form of the same language, then transcribe the original Spanish into written English. Review oral material and transcribe information with a high-degree of accuracy and expression. Should possess an excellent understanding of one or more regional dialects of Spanish or the target language.
Interpret – Translate orally, either consecutively or simultaneously, from target to English and take detailed notes concerning the content of the conversation(s). 

Analytic Linguists must be able to read, write, and verbally communicate fluently in the English language and the target language (including any dialects) in the four basic communications skills (listening, reading, writing, and speaking).
Must score a minimum of 4/4 in Spanish or other required language (speaking, listening, reading, and writing) as measured by Member of the Interagency Language Roundtable *Certification as a Court Interpreter by the Administrative Office of the US Courts is acceptable
Must possess a Bachelor’s degree or higher
Must have 3-5 years of translation or interpretation experience 
Understands all styles/forms of speech, including sociolinguistic and cultural references
Must be able to successfully complete a government sponsored security clearance and polygraph screening
Must be a US citizen or green card holder willing to gain a trusted position that may require a security clearance and polygraph
Demonstrated ability and aptitude with latest software programs (including MS Word)
Ability to use analytic skills and critical thinking to process large quantities of information in order to detect important data
Must have lived in the US in the last five (5) years
Must type 40-50 wpm
Must have good credit
Fluency in a minimum of 1 of the following Target Languages:
Chinese (Cantonese)
Locations of work – Alaska, California, Idaho, Oregon, Washington

Full-Time and Part Time On-Call (PTOC) work available
Travel is none to minimal