Arabic (MSA) - Travel OCONUS





The qualified candidate will be able to translate and perform consecutive interpretation between Arabic and English. Translation work requires attention to detail and must meet high quality standards. Each linguist is expected to have expertise in a variety of topics ranging from technical to political, as well as military vocabulary; an understanding of a variety of dialects/jargon is a plus. Interpretation may include individual meetings or conference-type settings. Work will be performed in a fast-paced environment and requires flexibility. The ability to work well in a team setting is paramount. 

Minimum Requirements

Relevant Years of Experience: 3+
Education: College Education in target Language of where language is spoken
Core Skills (must be able to demonstrate ALL in a resume):  Interpretation, Translation of Target Language to English, and Translation of English into Target Language
Ancillary Skills (must be able to demonstrate ALL in a resume):Editing, Workflow, Quality Control, and Summarizing/Gisting
Areas of Expertise (must be able to demonstrate ALL in a resume): Religion, Science and Technology, Sponsor Operations
Clearance: clearance is not required to submit but is highly desired 
Language Skills:
Candidates must be proficient at a level 3/3+ on the ILR or equivalent scale or higher as well as be able to pass an English comprehension test.
Excellent Target Language and English skills are an absolute must.
Successful candidates must be able to travel to Northern Virginia to take a Government Proctored Translation and Interpretation Language exam in order to be considered for this position.

Desired Requirements

Ancillary Skills (must be able to demonstrate experience in a resume): Terminology Management, Translation Related Services, Triage, Subject Matter expertise, and Language Training
Areas of Expertise (must be able to demonstrate experience in a resume): Geospatial, Counter-Proliferation, Counterterrorism, Legal/Law, Military, Narcotics, Cyber, and Economics

Ability to work as a team
Ability to give/receive constructive feedback on translation reviews
Ability to type no less than 45wpm in English and in the target language
Proficient in Microsoft office suite
Medically fit to travel for any TDY locations needed 
Full-time travel position - "anywhere, anytime"
Must have cultural knowledge and be knowledgeable in current events for their area of expertise
All candidates must pass the English test with a score of 80% or above
All candidates must provide a copy of their current US passport