Senior Analyst- Russian (Open Source Intelligence Analyst)





The ideal candidate will establish an understanding of openly available information on foreign research, development, and acquisition activities and organizations and will identify openly available sources of technical information (to include photographs and technical data on ship sensor, antenna, and radar) in coordination with the proper subject matter experts. 

Minimum Requirements

Based on the Government's prioritized list of intelligence production tasks, the Senior Analyst will support production of intelligence products by:
Performing at least five periodic and ten ad-hoc searches per week.
Performing at least one initiative search per week.
Identifying open-source websites with useful information.
Establishing automatic search feeds for persistent searches.
Creating and populating a spreadsheet of all sources that is tagged and filed in a manner that is easily discoverable by ONI analysts.
Developing and populating a separate status spreadsheet which denotes analyst requests and their status. 

Writing summaries of findings, to include technical memoranda, spreadsheets, and briefs.
Use technical and practical expertise in foreign maritime sensor. EW, radar, C4ISR systems, and knowledge of intelligence production methods and procedures. 
Research and identify ways to close intelligence gaps in sensor, BW, radar, C4ISR system characteristics and capabilities. 
Follow the priority order for research, analysis, review, extraction, collation, collection requirement generation, data entry, and production set by the Technical Assistant (TA) and respond to emergent requirements.
Maintain operational security throughout all activity on the open internet, and abide by all U.S. Laws, regulations, directives, and Department of Defense Policies governing open source activities, to include, but not limited to, DoD Manual 5240.01, E.O. 12333, and ONINOTE S3820.1A. 
Coordinate with the Collections Operations Department, Command Research Center (N34) to gain access to technology and tradecraft necessary to collect intelligence from open sources effectively.

Move all information and reports to JWICS with a government­ acceptable filing system.
Write and document translation requests.
Be available for working group meetings 
Prepare all products in accordance with the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) Intelligence Community Directives (ICD).
Required Qualifications 
Demonstrate the ability to read and understand scientific and technical lexicon.
Possess three years' experience with in-depth research.
Maintain DLPT scores that include at least a three (3) in reading for the Mandarin or Russian languages.
Possess clear written and oral communication skills.
Must have at least TS/SCI security clearance
Demonstrate a minimum of one year familiarity with the following programs: 
Microsoft Office

Desired Requirements

Demonstrate familiarity with general academic databases and scientific journals and repositories.
Possess a minimum of three years' experience as an academic researcher.